At HomeX VA, we are dedicated and work hard because we believe that the future of most of the businesses around the world can operate virtually.

Our goal is to provide you efficient services with affordable prices, and on top of that to decrease the monthly expenses you might have for an office employee.

Due to the economic status of the Balkan countries, now you can pay less and get the job done the same way as an office employee would do or maybe even more.

Our Story

HomeX began on August 1st, 2019. After years of being a virtual assistant in different industries such as Online Ordering, Customer Support, Account Management, Real Estate Sales and Property Management, we decided to partner up with “Home Exchange” and come up with a Virtual Assistant company based in Pristina, Kosovo.

We have the tools to help every business with their requirements and provide them with excellent agents who will go through a multistep training process before they will be eligible and ready to handle your daily tasks.

The present is virtual the future will be virtual, that's why we believe in our work ethic and we are dedicated to accomplishing your company goals.

Despite the fact, our agents will not be present at your office but they will be available to help your customers with whatever they need.

HomeX Mission:

Our mission is to create a powerful company that will help young talented individuals to gain experience, build a career and have a better future for them and their families.